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        About Us

        Shanghai Tai Heng Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. It is a pharmaceutical enterprise in the stage of vigorous development. The company has developed an efficient young team dedicated to product development, quality management, regulation registration and market development. Our R & D and production strictly follow the requirements of US FDA and ICH to provide the global customers with the necessary pharmaceutical products and technical support.



        05/14 2019

        Tai Heng submitted a US DMF on a client’s commission and the DMF has passed FDA administrative review

        Tai Heng submitted the DMF of an undisclosed API product to US FDA in behalf of one of our Chinese client, and received ...

        12/21 2018

        Best Wishes on This Holiday Season

        11/23 2018

        Warm Wishes at Thanksgiving

        11/01 2018

        Imatinib Mesylate Product DMF Has Successfully Passed the US FDA Scientific Review

        September 29, 2018, Tai Heng received official letter from the US FDA which is in reference to our DMF(#024838)for Imati...


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